Dear Parents:

The Versailles High School Administration is attempting to be more consistent in its approval of transportation exceptions (allowing students to not ride the team bus to or from activities).

Students are expected to use school provided transportation yet we recognize that there may be exceptions. We have created a form that the student and parent need to have completed three days prior to the event that will require coach's approval (signature) as well as administrative approval. This form will be given to the coach by the athlete showing that approval as been granted. Coaches will keep the form and return it to the Athletic Director to keep on file.

Coaches are expected to be the first “filter” in the approval process. Any requests which appear unnecessary and should be disapproved will be denied by the coach and the process ends there. If the request meets the coach's approval the form will be signed and the student will bring it to an administrator for final approval.

Here are some examples of typical approvals and disapprovals:

  • Weddings
  • Funerals
  • Other school function (Ex: CC meet to Band Contest)
  • Go home to avoid extra trip to school
  • Shopping
  • Visit friends who live in the area
The parents are expected to see the coach to take responsibility for the student to make sure “no child is left behind”. We will only allow an athlete to be released to a non-parent adult if the form indicates why the parent can't provide the transportation and who is supposed to pick them up.

If any questions or concern, contract Athletic Director Michael Paulus at 526-4427, Ext 4005.