2015-2016 Versailles FFA Accomplishments

District FFA Awards:
Reporter Book- Gold Rating
Treasurer Book- Gold Rating
Secretary Book- Gold Rating
Dairy Proficiency- Top 4 State
Oil Crop Proficiency- Top 4 State
Veterinary Science Proficiency- Top 4 State
Agricultural Communications Proficiency- Top 4 State
Diversified Horticulture Proficiency- Gold Rating
Diversified Crop Placement Proficiency- Top 4 State

State FFA Awards:
Top 10 Chapter in 2015
Gold Emblem Chapter- Top 10
State FFA Degree Candidates- 13
Chapter, Community, and Student Development Top 10 Chapter
#1 State Chapter Community Development
2nd Dairy Proficiency
4th Oil Crop Proficiency
2nd Veterinary Science Proficiency
1st Agricultural Communications Proficiency
2nd Diversified Crop Placement Proficiency
Top 5 Star Farmer Candidates

National FFA Awards:
Three Star National FFA Chapter
American Degree Recipients- 4
National FFA Dairy Placement- 1st
Top 10 National FFA Student Development

County CDE Awards:
Public Speaking, Advanced Prepared- 2nd
Public Speaking, Beginning Prepared- 2nd
Public Speaking, Extemporaneous- 1st
Public Speaking, Creed- 3rd
Parliamentary Procedure, Varsity Team- 3rd
Parliamentary Procedure, Freshman Team- 1st
Parliamentary Procedure, 8th Grade Team- 4th, 5th
Rural Soil Judging Team- 1st
Rural Soil Judging Individuals- 1st, 2nd, 3rd
Agriculture & Industrial Diagnostics Team- 3rd
Agriculture & Industrial Diagnostics Individual- 1st

District CDE Awards:
Public Speaking, Advanced Prepared- 1st
Public Speaking, Extemporaneous- 2nd
Food Science and Technology Team- 3rd
Food Science and Technology Individual- 1st
Job Interview, Freshman- 1st
Job Interview, Sophomore- 3rd
Job Interview, Junior- 1st
Job Interview, Senior- Gold
Parliamentary Procedure, Freshman Team- 2nd
Ag Sales Team- 5th, 6th
Rural Soil Judging Team- 1st
Rural Soil Judging Individual- 3rd, 5th, 9th, 10th
Agricultural & Industrial Diagnostics Team- 2nd
Outdoor Power Team- 5th
Poultry Judging Team- 3rd
Poultry Judging Individual- 13th
Wildlife Team- 1st
Wildlife Individual- 2nd
Horse Judging Team- 7th
Dairy Foods Team- 3rd
Dairy Foods Individual- 6th

State CDE Awards:
Greenhand Quiz- 107th
General Livestock Judging Team- 39th
Dairy Judging Team- 10th
Wildlife Team- 10th
Poultry Judging Team- 6th
Dairy Foods Team- 7th
Soil Judging Team- 23rd
Equine Judging Team- 29th
Farm Business Management Quiz- 60th
Agriculture Communications Team- 4th
Aquarium Management Team- 5th
Aquarium Management Individual- 6th
Agriculture Issues Team- 8th
Agriculture & Industrial Diagnostics Team- 6th
Parliamentary Procedure, Freshman Team- 10th
Job Interview, Freshman- 2nd
Job Interview, Junior- 2nd
Public Speaking, Extemporaneous- 4th
Public Speaking, Advanced Prepared- 6th

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