2016 Fair Results
Shop and Crop:

Kayla Bruns
  •  -1st Household Article
  •  -1st Tomato- Cherry/ Grape
  •  -3rd Brown Eggs
Maggie Hedrick
  •  -3rd Reclaimed Wood Project
Gavin Lawrence
  •  -1st Electric Light Stand
  •  -1st Concrete Stepping Stone
Toby George
  •   -2nd Small Welding Project
Noah Gilmore
  •  -1st Gourds
  •  -2nd Hay Alfalfa
  •  -2nd Floral Arrangement
Isaac Gilmore
  •  -2nd Hay Timothy
Sam Gilmore
  •  -1st Hay Timothy
  •  -3rd Corn Shelled Product of Last Year
  •  -3rd White Eggs
Hannah Niekamp
  •  -1st SAE Photo Posterboard Display
Lily George
  •  -1st Grapes
  •  -3rd Hay Alfalfa
  •  -3rd Hay Timothy
Cole Kremer
  •  -1st Medium Welding Project
  •  -1st Spray Paint Equipment
  •  -1st SAE Research Tri-Fold Display
Ben Albers
  •  -1st Corn Shelled Product of Last Year
  •  -1st Potatoes
  •  -1st Beets
Emma Gasson
  •  -1st Miscellaneous Produce
Clair Schmitmeyer
  •  -1st Hay Mixed
  •  -3rd Haylage
Dean Heitkamp
  •  -1st Haylage
  •  -2nd Mixed Hay
  •  -3rd Tomato-Mixed Plate
Isaac Ruhenkamp
  •  -2nd Beets
  •  -2nd Plums
  •  -3rd Peaches
  •  -3rd Miscellaneous Crop
Erika Grogean
  •  -1st Agricultural Science Research Project
  •  -2nd SAE Photo Posterboard Display
  •  -2nd Honey Display
Leo Vogel
  •  -3rd SAE Photo Posterboard Display
Faith Wilker
  •  -1st Floral Arrangment-Live
  •  -2nd Beans
  •  -2nd Tomato- Mixed Plate
Andrew Heckman
  •  -3rd Wheat Current Year
Isaac Grilliot
  •  -2nd Medium Wood Project
David Barlage
  •  -2nd Corn Silage
Anna Barlage
  •  -1st Corn Silage
Nathan Grogean
  •  -2nd Grapes
  •  -2nd Berries
  •  -3rd Honey Display
Derek Cavin
  •  -1st Zucchini
Natalie Wuebker
  •  -1st Wheat Current Year
Tori Wuebker
  •  -1st Oats Current Year
  •  -2nd Wheat
Jacob Wuebker
  •  -3rd Single Stock of Corn
  •  -3rd Squash
Jon Gehret
  •  -3rd Medium Wood Project
Kayla Bohman
  •  -1st Cabbage
  •  -1st Herbs
  •  -1st White Eggs
  •  -3rd Squash
Brad Didier
  •  -1st Pumpkin
  •  -1st Sweet Corn
  •  -2nd Overall in Shop and Crop with Horticultural Project        
Jamie Hart
  •  -1st Pears
  •  -1st Squash
Sean Besecker
  •  -3rd Potatoes
Lindsay Cheadle
  •  -3rd Watermelon
Colleen Gehret
  •  -2nd Brown Eggs
Troy May
  •  -1st Pepper- Sweet Bell
  •  -1st Squash
  •  -3rd Hay Clover
  •  -3rd Grapes
Jarett Petitjean
  •  -2nd Tomato- Home Garden
Jacob Heitkamp
  •  -1st Peaches
  •  -1st Plums
  •  -3rd Cabbage
  •  -3rd Pears
Jason Mescher
  •  -3rd Corn Silage
Katelyn Knapke
  •  -3rd Onions
Eric Knapke
  •  -3rd 6 Ears of Corn in Current Year
Ian Gehret
  •  -2nd Reclaimed Wood Project
  •  -2nd Herbs
Caden Buscher
  •  -3rd Pumpkins



Ben Gehret
  •  -Champion Guinea
Sarah Gigandet
  •   -6th and 8th Commercial Chickens
  •   -Grant Keller, Evan Keller, Sean Besecker, Justin Besecker
  •   -Grade A Projects

Ian Gehret
  •  -3rd Overall Beef Breed Steer
Jacob Heitkamp
  •  -Junior Fair Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Calf
  •  -Open Class Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder Calf
Emily Langenkamp
  •  -Junior Fair Champion Guernsey
  •  -Open Class Reserve Champion
  •  -Open Class 2nd Dairy Steer
Nathan Mescher
  •  -1st Overall Senior Division Dairy Steer Showmanship
  •  -5th Overall Showmanship
Isaac Ruhenkmap
  •  -2nd Showmanship
  •  -5th in Dairy Steer Class
Clair Schmitmeyer
  •  -Reserve Grand Champion Holstein Cow
  •  -1st Place 17s Showmanship
Kimberly Winner
  •  -Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef Heifer
Lewis Winner
  •  -3rd Overall Heavywight Beef Steer
  •  -2nd Weight Gain Beef Department
Jacob Wuebker
  •  -Reserve Champion Dairy Steer
  •  -2nd Place 14s Showmanship
Natalie Wuebker
  •  -1st Place 16s Showmanship
  •  -Open Class Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Steer
  •  -Junior Fair Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder
  •   -Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Isaac Gehret, Tori Wuebker

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