212017_22505_9.jpgVersailles FFA Places 1st in District 5 Agricultural Communications Contest 
On January 25th, the Versailles FFA Agricultural Communications team participated in the District 5 Agricultural Communications Contest. The Agricultural Communications Contest consists of a written test, an editing exam, a team presentation and a graded media proposal for the district level.  The team consisted of Maggie Hedrick, Taylor Tyo, Tessa Tyo and Ben Davis and the team placed 1st in the district and will advance to the state contest on Feb 11th.  Maggie Hedrick and Tessa Tyo tied for 1st place individuals, Taylor Tyo placed 2nd overall and Ben Davis placed 3rd individually overall. Congratulations to all who participated and Good Luck at State on Feb 11th
212017_22505_9.jpgVersailles FFA & FFA Alumni Hosting FREE Breakfast as part of National FFA & Agriculture Week on Feb 25th to Promote Agriculture & Honor Ag Producers
On Saturday, February 25th from 8a.m. until 12:00p.m., the Versailles FFA & FFA Alumni will be hosting an Omelet Breakfast to recognize the local agriculturalist and promote the agriculture industry. There will be free omelet breakfasts for all in attendance.  This breakfast is free but will require RSVP to ensure proper breakfast. The breakfast will also include:  a farm toy show, agriculture displays to promote the industry, and farm displays created by the local youth. This event will be open for all of the public to enjoy.  On behalf of the Versailles FFA chapter we like to personally invite and encourage the youth of Darke County to participate in a farm toy display contest. Again, this contest is completely cost free. Awards and monetary prizes will be awarded for each division sponsored by the Darke County Farm Bureau. All participants will receive a small prize; however, first place in each division will receive $25.00, second place $15.00, and third place $10.00. All displays along with a tag with your name and age must be delivered to the Versailles FFA advisor, Mrs. Dena Wuebker, at Versailles Schools near the Greenhouse door (door 4) from 7:00am to 6:00pm pm on Thursday, February 23rd.  All displays will be judged prior to the breakfast and the Farm Displays will be displayed on the stage of the cafetorium all attendees will be enabled to view the displays. Farm displays can be torn-down and loaded out between 12:00p.m. and 1:30pm on Feb 25th.  The rules and regulations for the Farm Youth Display can be received by emailingdena.wuebker@vtigers.org  find the information on the Versailles Exempted Village School website under the high school followed by FFA link. Please RSVP for the breakfast to either Dena Wuebker 937-423-2369 or through above email, or contact Versailles FFA President Danielle Hesson 937-459-8885 or Versailles FFA Vice-President at 937-621-9766.  Please RSVP for the breakfast by Feb 17th.  Hope to see you on Feb 25th.   

212017_22505_9.jpgVersailles FFA Helps Spread Christmas Cheer
 Members of the Versailles FFA have been extremely busy during the month of December helping spread Christmas cheer in the Versailles community as well as Darke County. Versailles FFA delivered one box of pears, one box of apples, and one box of oranges to each of the following: Versailles Kinder Korner, Versailles YMCA, and Brilliant Beginnings. FFA members Toby George and Tyler Plieman delivered fruit to the YMCA, Brilliant Beginnings, and Kinder Korner.

Versailles FFA members also donated fruit to the Versailles Health Care Center.  Versailles FFA donated one box of pears, one box of apples, and one box of oranges delivered by members Haley Mangen, Gregory Bohman, Jamiee Hoelscher, Breanna Nieport, Morgan Rinderle, Hannah Gehret, and Maddison Henry.  During the holiday season, some people are not given the chance to indulge in the joys of Christmas that many of us are lucky to receive. This year, due to the generosity of Versailles residents and surrounding communities, the Versailles FFA was able to conduct a toys drive that was in cooperation with the  Versailles Council of Churches Distribution Program, making the Christmas holiday for children and their families much brighter.  Versailles FFA members also assisted with distributing the food, fruit and presents through the council of Churches. The toys, fruit and gifts for the families that Versailles FFA adopted  were delivered by Versailles FFA members that included: Kara Langenkamp, Hannah Rose, Sarah Gigandet, Grace McEldowney, Nathan Grogean, Victoria Wuebker, Luke Billenstein, Marcus Berger, and Makayla Berger. 

Versailles FFA Citizenship Committee includes the following members: Hannah Rose, Kayla Bruns, Kara Langenkamp, Andrew Harshbarger, Brooke Stuck, Zach Kelch, Nathan Grogean Grace McEldowney, Shelby Fullenkamp, and Courtney Batten.  Versailles FFA would also like to thank the following locations for donating their facilities to use as toy drop off locations: Versailles Savings and Loan, St. Denis Catholic Church, Holy Family Catholic Church, Versailles Christian Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, Versailles Village Schools, Versailles United Methodist Church, Webster United Methodist Church, Second National Bank,  US Bank, Dollar General, Versailles Ace Hardware, Versailles Marathon and John’s IGA. The used toys that were collected were delivered to Miami county and distributed to nearby surrounding counties through the Toys for Tots Program.  Due to the overwhelming support of the community the new toys were also distributed to Rustic Hope in Russia, toys were sent through Mike Meyer through St Denis/ Holy Family Church to Adams County, toys were also distributed to families through Darke County Children's Services and St Vincent De Paul. A special thanks to Colleen Gehret for delivering the toys to Rustic Hope and thanks to Versailles FFA members Taylor Tyo, Tessa Tyo and Dallas Hess for going shopping for the families that Versailles FFA adopted.  The Versailles FFA would also like to thank the Eagles-Women's Auxiliary and Versailles Savings and Loan for supporting the toy program.  Versailles FFA would like to once again thank the community for their generosity and area individuals for providing a place for drop-off.  On Friday, December 17th the Versailles FFA presented the Versailles Council of Churches with gifts for two families the Versailles FFA adopted.  They also presented the Council of Churches with bags of apples and oranges to be presented to each family.   Members of the Versailles FFA that presented the gifts and fruit to the families included:  Sarah Gigandet, Makayla Berger, Andrew Harshbarger, Caitlyn Luthman, Grace McEldowney, Courtney Batten, Danielle Hesson, Taylor Tyo, Zach Kelch, Abigail White, Emily Langenkamp, Maggie Hedrick, Marcus Berger, Lane Feltz, David Barlage, Hannah Rose, Clair Schmitmeyer, and Aaron Knapke.  The Versailles FFA also sponsored a Can Food Drive the last week of school for all Jr. High and High school students, and donated cans to benefit the Versailles area food pantry sponsored through the Versailles area Council of Churches. On December 21, Marcus Berger, Victoria Wuebker, Emma Peters, Justin Besecker, Nathan Grogean, Hannah Rose and Tessa Tyo delivered the fruit to the Council of Churches.

The canned food drive was another huge success this year!  Over 3,500 cans were collected in the high and middle school, again thanks to the students and teachers for making this activity so successful.  Results of the high school include:  placing 1st was Ms. Stens 1st period class with an average of 25.56 cans per student and will win a pizza party in January. 

Placing 2nd was Mrs. Treon’s  1st period class with an average of 23.33 cans per student and placing 3rd was Mrs. Ouhl’s  class 1st period class  with a 9 can average per student. 

Also a special thanks to Mrs. Rhonda Stammen for all the cans that were also donated to the drive through the Band concert.   In the middle school placing 1st was Mrs Whittaker’s  homeroom with an average of 17.68 cans per student and will win a pizza party in January.  Placing 2nd was Mr. Foltz’s  homeroom  with an average of 12.56 cans per student and placing 3rd was Mrs. Frilling’s homeroom  with a 7.5 can average per student.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity the Versailles FFA delivered over 45 large boxes of food and over $650.00 to the council of churches.   Again thanks for all your cooperation and support. The winning class in the middle school and high school will receive a pizza party as a reward. We would like to give a special thank you to all the staff, students, and parents that supported the Canned Food Drive. A special thanks to the Versailles FFA Citizenship Committee for organizing these efforts.

Members of the Community Interactions Committee include: Hannah Rose, Kayla Bruns, Kara Langenkamp, Andrew Harshbarger, Brooke Stuck, Zach Kelch, Nathan Grogean, Grace McEldowney, Shelby Fullenkamp, Courtney Batten. The Versailles FFA would like to thank the Versailles community for their support of the recent community service projects sponsored by Versailles FFA.


212017_22505_9.jpgVersailles FFA Visits Health Care Center
On Monday, December 12, 2016, the Versailles FFA made their monthly visit to the Nursing Home. Members assisted the residents in making a Christmas hand wreath.  Jamiee Hoelscher brought cookies for the residents.  Along with the cookies, residents enjoyed candy and a strawberry Jell-O dessert.  Members that attended include: Haley Mangen, Greg Bohman, Jamiee Hoelscher, Breanna Nieport, Morgan Rinderle, Hannah Gehret, and Madison Henry.



212017_22505_9.jpgVersailles FFA Attends Darke County FFA Leadership Night
On Monday, December 12, the Versailles FFA participated in Darke County FFA Leadership Night.  The night was sponsored by the State FFA Officers, Mary Buehler and Ryan A. Matthews.  The theme of the night was focused on potential and making a difference in each individual’s chapter.  Members of the Versailles chapter were split up into small groups with other chapters to discuss potential and how to improve their chapters.  Afterwards, members enjoyed pizza.  Leadership Night also serves as a State FFA Degree requirement. Members of the Versailles FFA in attendance included: Tessa Tyo, Lucas Perassoli, Brooke Stuck, Hannah Rose, Jamie Hart, Sean Besecker, Ben Davis, Kayla Bohman, Kimberly Winner, David Barlage, Isaac Gehret, Tori Wuebker, Haley Mangen, Ashley Petitjean, Gregory Bohman, Cody Williams, Elliot George, Sara Cavin, and Sarah Hart.212017_23048_10.jpg


212017_22505_9.jpgAttention High School and Middle School Students and Parents-Can Food Drive Starting December 15th

The Versailles FFA will be hosting their 23rd annual  Can Food Drive to benefit the Versailles Area Council of Churches. Students participating in this drive are Versailles Middle School and High School.  In the high school cans will be collected in students 1st period classes and in the middle school cans are collected in the homeroom.  The Can Food Drive starts Thursday, December 15th and runs through Wednesday, December 21st.  On December 21st the Can Food items will be delivered to the Council of Churches in Versailles and helps serve the need in Versailles and surrounding area all winter.  Also included in the Can Food Drive includes toilet paper, paper towels, household cleaning items, bathroom items as well. No home can goods please.  The high school 1st period class based on an average that collects the most cans will earn a pizza party and the top homeroom class in the Junior High based on an average that collects the most cans will also earn a pizza party  In the high school money can also be collected and one dollar is worth two cans.  All the money is given to the Council of Churches who purchase meat and supplies they are short at.  Thanks in advance for everyone’s support!

212017_22505_9.jpgVersailles FFA Participates in District 5 Food Science and Technology Contest
On Wednesday, November 16th , members of the Versailles FFA participated in the District 5 Food Science and Technology Contest at Minster High School. The contest required students to identify aromas, conduct a taste test, take a written test over food quality and safety, identify safety problems from a customer complaint letter, and identify food processing tools. Members who competed in this contest include:  Taylor Tyo, Sarah Gigandet, Emily Kramer, Tessa Tyo, Andrew Heckman, Abigail White, Grace McEldowney, Emily Clack, Dallas Hess, Shiloh Hess,  Emma Peters, Ashley Petitjean, Isaac Gehret , Courtney Batten, Bridgette Holsapple, Caitlyn Luthman, Alexa Didier and Kayla Bohman. There were 41 teams competing in the District Five contest with 125 individuals. The Versailles FFA had five teams competing in the contest. The team consisting of Taylor Tyo, Sarah Gigandet, Dallas Hess and Tessa Tyo placed 3rdoverall.  The team consisting of  Andrew Heckman,  Emma Peters , Emily Clack and Courtney Batten placed 8th out of 41 teams in the district.  The team consisting of:  Emily Kramer, Isaac Gehret, Grace McEldowney and Brigette Holsapple placed 5th in the district.  The team consisting of Caitlyn Luthman, Ashley Petitjean, Abigail White and Alexa Didier placed 12th out of 31 teams.  The combined team of Shiloh Hess and Kayla Bohman placed 25th.  Versailles FFA was led by Taylor Tyo who tied for 8th overall followed by Emma Peters and Grace McEldowney. Congratulations to all!


Versailles FFA Visits Versailles Health Care Center

On Monday November 14, 2016, the Versailles FFA chapter traveled to the Versailles Health Care center to assist the residents in making a Thanksgiving craft. The Versailles FFA members helped the residents make a turkey. Haley Mangen brought cookies for all to enjoy, residents also enjoyed punch and fresh fruit as part of their snack. Members who attended the November nursing home visit include: Danielle Hesson, Deanna Hesson, Haley Mangen, Alex Kaiser, Kobe Epperly, Jamiee Hoelscher, Tori Wuebker, Noah Gilmore, and Hannah Gehret. .

Versailles FFA Kicks-Off  Annual New/Used Toy Drive November 22nd- December 13th!

You can help make the holidays a little brighter! The Versailles FFA is searching for new and used toys to donate to local families. All new toys will be distributed by the Versailles FFA to families in Versailles community through the Council of Churches in their second annual toy drive and distribution. Donations will be accepted between November 22nd and December 13th. All used toys will be donated to local families within Darke County and surrounding communities through the Toys for Tots program. Donation bins are located around town in Versailles Businesses and Churches: Holy Family and St. Denis Church, Versailles School's,  Second National Bank, Versailles Savings and Loan, Versailles Christian Church, Dollar General, Versailles Lutheran Trinity Church, John’s IGA, Versailles Methodist Church and Webster Methodist Church.  The toys will be given to child that range in age from newborns to 16 years old.  Each location will contain two bins, one for new toys and other bin for used toys.  All donations will be used to brighten the holidays of families in the area. Thank you for your continued support of the Versailles FFA and your donation of holiday cheer.


212017_21303_7.jpgVersailles FFA Participates in District 5 FFA Job Interview Competition
On Tuesday, November 8th, four Versailles FFA members participated in the District 5 FFA Job Interview Competition at Botkins High School. The contest is designed to assist FFA members in the development of oral and written skills that are associated with the job application and interview process. Students had to create a resume and cover letter, fill out a job application pertaining to a specific agricultural job, complete an interview, and compose a follow-up thank you letter. The members who competed in this contest included:   Ian Gehret, Hannah Rose, Kylie Lyons, and Colleen Gehret.   Ian Gehret  received a gold rating in the freshman division. Kylie Lyons  competed in the junior division and placed 5th  out of 23 FFA members.  Colleen Gehret  competed in the sophomore division and placed 2nd out of 23 FFA members. In the sophomore division, Hannah Rose placed 3rd in the senior  division out of 23  FFA members.  Congratulations to Colleen, Ian, Kylie and Hannah for their hard work.


212017_21303_7.jpgParents & Students –Make Plans to Attend the 3rd  Annual College, Career and Military Fair on November 14th
The Versailles FFA Chapter  and High School Guidance Counselor Mrs Hollie Arhens will be hosting the 3rd Annual College, Career and Military Fair at Versailles High School on November 14th  from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm. This College Fair will be free and open to grades 9th through 12th. and  parents with light refreshments being served.   Mrs Arhens and Versailles FFA is in the process of securing colleges and Technical schools that will be attendance.  These colleges, technical schools and Military  include: Navy, Ohio State University-ATI, University of Cincinnati, University of Kentucky, Bowling Green University, Ball State University Bluffton University, Sinclair Community College, Rhodes State, Edison Community College, Wright State University Lake Campus, IVY Tech Community College, Sinclair Community College, University of Dayton, Air Force  and University of Northwestern Ohio. More information about this event will be published in the future. “Today’s preparation is tomorrow’s achievement.” 

212017_21303_7.jpgFFA Members Visit Nursing Home in October
Members of the Versailles FFA made their monthly visit to the residents at the Versailles Health Care Center in October. Residents engaged in making a craft for Halloween.  Members helped the residents paint pumpkins to place in their court year to decorate for Halloween.  They also enjoyed delicious cookies, pretzel/ candy snacks and apple cider brought in by FFA member Maddy Henry. Sarah Gigandet, Maddy Henry, Morgan Rinderle, Hannah Gehret, and Emily Kramer also attended the monthly visit.



Versailles FFA Conducting Annual Fruit Sales Starting Oct 13th
The Versailles FFA fruit sales are set to begin on October 13th, and will continue through November 14th. The Versailles FFA will be purchasing their fruit and nuts from Florida Farm Bureau, their meat and cheese from Pearl Valley Cheese and Ohio Signature Beef, and their Barbeque sauce from B.D. Yummers. This year the Versailles FFA will be selling the following:  Ohio Red Delicious Apples, Ohio Gold Delicious Apples, Ohio Fuji Apples, Ohio Apple Mix (Red and Gold Delicious and Fuji), California Navel Oranges, Florida Tangerines, Texas Pink Grapefruit, Mixed Fruit (Navels, Tangerines, Pink Grapefruit, and Ohio Red Delicious Apples), D’Anjou Pears, Chocolate Covered Pecans, Shelled Pecan Halves,  Southern Fried Skinless Peanuts, Peanut Brittle Bites, Honey Krunch Peanuts, Peanut Gift Pack, Whole Cashews, Mixed Nuts, Chocolate Nut Gift Pack, Chocolate Covered Peanuts ( new product) , Sweet and Smokey, Mildly Spicy and Island Barbeque sauce all products from BD Yummers Barq.  Another gift feature includes: 2 jars of Sweet and Smokey, 1 jar of Mildly Spicy and 1 jar Island Barbeque  in a gift box with Christmas wrapping.  The barbeque sauce is also available this year in gallon size containers.  Also available is Ohio Signature Beef Summer Sausage, Country Style Beef Hickory Jerky, Ohio Signature Beef Sticks Original and Spicy, Amish Genuine Trail Bologna, Amish Colby Cheese, Amish Mild Swiss Cheese, Amish Marble Cheese, Amish Bacon Cheese, Amish Mozzarella Cheese, Amish Pepper Jack Cheese, Amish Lacey Baby Cheese, Amish Horseradish Cheese, Amish Jumpin Jack (marble with peppers) and a Cheese Gift Box (Bologna, and Colby, Swiss, and Marble Cheese).  All the fruit items are sold in full boxes, half boxes and fourth boxes. 

We are requiring all orders to be pre-paid  We will not be selling tangelos this year due to a Greening Disease that is taking place in Florida, that is why the pink grapefruit will come from Texas and the navels from California. We have replaced the Tangelos with Tangerines in which we are guaranteed a quality product with the tangerines.  Tangerines are similar to tangelos, except tangerines are easier to peel and separate. They taste similar to Mandarin Oranges and Cuties, but larger in size than a cutie. 

If you have any questions or would like to purchase any product please contact any Versailles FFA Member, you can call the Ag. Department at 526-4427 and ask for Mrs. Wuebker or email her at dena_wuebker@darke.k12.oh.us starting October 13th  through November 14th . 



Versailles FFA Places 1st District 5 FFA Soil Judging

On Wednesday,  September 29th  the Versailles FFA participated in the District 5 FFA  Soil Judging competition. The Versailles FFA had seven members participating in the contest.  Versailles hosted the contest on Long Rd.

The members who participated include Dean Heitkamp, Danielle Hesson, Andrew Harshbarger, Deanna Hesson, Dallas Hess, Cole Kremer and Sarah Gigandet .

Versailles FFA placed 1st in the District contest out of over 35 teams and the team consisted of Dean Heitkamp, Danielle Hesson,  Dallas Hess,  Deanna Hesson, Andrew Harshbarger, Cole Kremer and Sarah Gigandet.  Over 250 FFA members participated in the contest, Danielle Hesson placed 1st overall as an individual, Andrew Harshbarger placed 2nd overall as an individual,  Dean Heitkamp placed fourth as individual, Sarah Gigandet placed 7th, Cole Kremer placed 11th, Deanna Hesson placed 25th  and Dallas Hess placed 27th  in the competition. 

A special thanks to Dr Steve and Angie Ruhenkamp for allowing us to use her property as part of the contest and  Darke County Soil and Water Conservation District for  hosting the contest.  Versailles FFA  will now advance to the State FFA Soil Judging competition to be held this Saturday, Oct 8th in Baltimore, Ohio.



Versailles FFA Hosting Fall Harvest Sale/ Farmers Market with Crafts on October 1st at Versailles Schools.
On October 1st the Versailles FFA will be hosting a Harvest Fall Sale/Farmers Market.  The market will include a variety of items such as: mums, pumpkins, baked goods, pumpkins, honey, crafts and fresh produce.  The mums will be sold until supplies last that were grown by Versailles FFA member Makayla Berger as part of her SAE and the Versailles Agriculture Education students  

The mums come in a variety of colors, with them colors being: yellow, pink, burgundy, and white along with pink pumpkins.  Other items that will be sold include:  honey as part of Nathan and Erika Grogean SAE, Assorted baked goods, produce and vegetables from Bowman’s Greenhouse and Produce, Pumpkins and Gourds from Aultman Farms, Apples and Cider from Downing Fruit Farms, Lisa Hedrick displaying crafts with Social Graces, Emily Clark displaying crafts with Emily’s Burlap Flags, Robert Rhoades displaying homemade wood crafts with Bob’s Woodworking, Small Scale Farm Toys and Barns by Kris Hinton and apple cider slushies.

The market will begin at 8:00am and run until 12:00pm at Versailles Schools 280 Marker Rd Versailles, Ohio 45380 located in the Versailles Greenhouse and parking lot near the Versailles Auditorium.  Versailles FFA will be making a donation from their sales to American Cancer Society-Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.


Versailles FFA members were busy over the summer getting ready to participate and compete in the Great Darke County Fair.  On August 19, 2016, students were able to bring in their vegetables, crops, and shop projects. 

Shop and crop consist of bringing in various vegetables from the students garden as well as wood working items, welding items, and grains for livestock.  The Versailles FFA had 91 members bring in shop and crop, which was the most of any FFA Chapter in Darke County.  Versailles FFA members that exhibited shop and crop included: Maggie Hedrick, Kayla Bruns, Gavin Lawrence, Toby George, Luke Billenstein, Trevor Huber, Alex Kaiser, Noah Gilmore, Isaac Gilmore, Samuel Gilmore, Hannah Niekamp, Lily George, Lewis Kremer, Grant Keller, Evan Keller, Sarah Hess, Seth Barga, Karina Kriner, Collin Peters, Joel Marshal, Andrew Schmitt, Pakus McClurg, Conner Reed, Vanessa Wendel, Brent Sherman, Cole Kremer, Alyssa Morgan, Ben Albers, Kimberly Winner, Kara Langenkamp, Tessa Tyo, Emma Gasson, Clair Schmitmeyer, Renea Schmitmeyer, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Dean Heitkamp, Isaac Ruhenkamp, Erika Grogean, Olivia Bruening, Jared Niekamp, Leo Vogel, Maxwell Stachler, Faith Wilker, Andrew Heckman, Isaac Grilliot, Gavin Mills, Justine Francis, Holly Dirksen, Jasmine Francis, Logan Rodrigues, David Barlage, Anna Barlage, Nathan Grogean, Brianne Buzard, John Petitjean, Logan Schultz, Andrew Harshbarger, Derek Cavin, Ashley Petitjean, Natalie Wuebker, Jacob Wuebker, Ben Gehret, Jon Gehret, Kayla Bohman, Austin Timmerman, Marcus Berger, Makayla Berger, Brad Didier, Laney Petitjean, Jamie Hart Sarah Hart, Sean Besecker, Lindsay Cheadle, Colleen Gehret, Janelle Hoelscher, Jamie Hoelscher, Troy May, Jarett Petitjean, Courtney Batten, Jacob Heitkamp, Nathan Mescher, Jason Mescher, Maddison Henry, Katelyn Knapke, Eric Knapke, Isaac Gehret, Ian Gehret, Bridgette Holsapple, Caden Buschur, Emma Peters, and Ellen Peters.   

Individual placing in the area of shop and crop include: Kayla Bruns received 1st in both household articles and tomato-cherry/grape, and 3rd in brown eggs.  Maggie Hedrick received 3rd in reclaimed wood project.  Gavin Lawrence received 1st in both electric light stand and concrete stepping stone.  Toby George received 2nd in the small welding project.  Noah Gilmore received 1st in gourds, and 2nd in both hay alfalfa and floral arrangement.  Isaac Gilmore received 2nd in hay timothy.  Samuel Gilmore received 1st in hay timothy, and 3rd in both corn shelled product of last year and white eggs.  Hannah Niekamp received 1st in SAE photo posterboard display.  Lily George received 1st in grapes, and 3rd in both hay alfalfa and hay timothy.  Cole Kremer received 1st in each of the following categories: medium welding project, spray paint equipment, and SAE research tri fold display.  Ben Albers received 1st in each of the following categories: corn shelled product of last year, potatoes, and beets.  Emma Gasson received 1st in miscellaneous produce.  Clair Schmitmeyer received 1st in hay mixed, and 3rd in haylage.  Dean Heitkamp received 1st in haylage, 2nd in hay mixed, and 3rd in tomato-mixed plate.  Isaac Ruhenkamp received 2nd in both beets and plums, and 3rd in both peaches and miscellaneous crop.  Erika Grogean received 1st in agricultural science research project, and 2nd in both SAE photo postboard display and honey display.  Leo Vogel received 3rd in SAE photo postboard display. Faith Wilker received 1st in floral arrangment-live, and 2nd in both beans and tomato- mixed plate.  Andrew Heckman received 3rd in wheat current year.  Isaac Grillot received 2nd in medium wood project.  David Barlarge received 2nd in corn silage.  Anna Barlarge received 1st in corn silage.  Nathan Grogean received 2nd in both grapes and berries and 3rd in honey display.  Derek Cavin received 1st in Zucchini.  Natalie Wuebker received 1st in wheat current year.  Tori Wuebker received 1st in oats current year, and 2nd wheat.  Jacob Wuebker received 3rd in both single stock of corn and squash.  Jon Gehret received 3rd in medium wood project.  Kayla Bohman received 1st in each of the following categories: cabbage, herbs, and white eggs, and 3rd in squash.  Brad Didier received 1st in both pumpkins and sweet corn.  Jamie Hart received 1st in both pears and squash.  Sean Besecker received 3rd in potatoes.  Lindsay Cheadle received 3rd in watermelon.  Colleen Gehret received 2nd in brown eggs.  Troy May received 1st in both pepper- sweet bell and squash, and 3rd in both hay clover and grapes.  Jarett Petitjean received 2nd in tomato- home garden.  Jacob Heitkamp received 1st in both peaches and plums, and 3rd in both cabbage and pears.  Jason Mescher received 3rd in corn silage.  Katelyn Knapke received 3rd in onions.  Eric Knapke received 3rd in 6 ears of corn in the current year.  Ian Gehret received 2nd in both reclaimed wood project and herbs.  Caden Buschur received 3rd in pumpkins.  

Overall Brad Didier placed 2nd overall in the area of Shop and Crop with his Horticulture project.                     
However, members did not only have the chance to show shop and crop, they also had the opportunity to show livestock.  Twenty-eight members from the Versailles FFA Chapter showed chickens, dairy cattle, goats, horses, rabbits, sheep, steer, and swine.
In the area of chickens, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Sean Besecker, Justin Besecker, Ben Gehret, Sarah Gigandet, Even Keller, and Grant Keller.  Ben Gehret received champion guinea.  Sarah Gigandet received 6th place and 8th place commercial chickens.  Grant Keller , Evan Keller, Sean Besecker and  Justin Besecker  all received grade A with projects. 

In the area of cattle, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Ian Gehret, Kyle Dirksen, Jacob Heitkamp, Emily Langenkamp, Troy May, Nathan Mescher, Isaac Ruhenkamp, Clair Schmitmeyer, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Renea Schmitmeyer, Kimberly Winner, Lewis Winner, Jacob Wuebker, Tori Wuebker and Natalie Wuebker.  Ian Gehret received 3rd place overall in beef breed steer.   Jacob Heitkamp received Junior Fair Grand Champion Dairy Feeder calf, and Reserve Champion dairy Feeder Calf in the open class.  Emily Langenkamp received Junior Champion Guernsey in the junior show, Reserve Junior Champion in the open show, and 2nd place dairy steer in the open show.  Nathan Mescher placed 1st overall in Senior Division with Dairy Steer and went on to place 5th overall in showmanship in the dairy barn.  Isaac Ruhenkamp received 2nd place in showmanship, and 5th place in class showing dairy steers.  Clair Schmitmeyer received Reserve Grand Champion Holstein cow, and 1st place showmanship 17 year old.  Kimberly Winner received Reserve Grand Champion Market Beef  Heifer.  Lewis Winner received 3rd place overall Heavyweight Beef Steer, and 2nd place in weight gain in the beef department.  Jacob Wuebker received Reserve Champion Dairy Steer, and 2nd place 14 year old dairy beef showmanship.  Natalie Wuebker received 1st place showman, and Grand Champion Dairy Feeder Steer in open class and Reserve Champion Dairy Feeder in Junior Fair.

In the area of goats, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: David Barlage, Anna Barlage, Danielle Hesson, Deanna Hesson, and Brad Pohlman.  Danielle Hesson received Reserve Champion Full blood Doe.  Deanna Hesson received 1st in showmanship, Overall Percentage grand champion, overall fullblood reserve grand champion doe, and overall fullblood grand champion doe.  Brad Pohlman received champion junior dairy doe. 

In the area of horses, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Bailey Wilson, Breanon Hall, Jessica Lyme.  Bailey Wilson received 1st place western pleasure, and 1st place team tournament.  
In the area of rabbits, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Hallie Mills, Evan Rammel, Amberlyn Riley, Levi Sherman, Darian Feltz and Logan Winner.  Hallie Mills received 1st place in senior class 11 showmanship, and was crowned rabbit queen.  Evan Rammel received grand champion homegrown rabbit, 4th place meat pen, 4th place single, 3rd place single, and was crowned rabbit prince.  Amberlyn Riley received 1st place, 4th place, and two 5th places in the junior fair, and 3rd place in the open show.  Levi Sherman received reserve champion meat rabbits.  Logan Winner received 1st in showmanship.   

In the area of sheep, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Levi Hemmelgarn, Emma Peters, Laney Petitjean, and Taylor Tyo.  Levi Hemmelgarn received 1st place pen of two light weight market lambs, 1st place in class two market lambs, and 1st place in division one market lambs.  Emma Peters received 2nd place in showmanship, grand champion corriedale ewe, grand champion corriedale ram, and supreme champion ewe.  Laney Petitjean received 5th and 7th Taylor Tyo received 1st place in class, 1st place in division, reserve grand champion market lamb in the open class, 5th place in 16 showmanship, junior fair 1st place in class market show, junior fair 1st place in class homegrown, junior fair 1st place in class born and bred.

In the area of swine, Versailles FFA members that exhibited included: Ben Albers, Ian Gehret, Andrew Heckman and Nick Litten-Stonebraker.  Ben Albers received 6th place and 11th place in junior fair and 3rd place and 5th place in the open class.  Ian Gehret received 2nd place and 3rd place in class with duroc, and two 3rd places in class with yorkshire.  Nick Litten-Stonebraker received reserve champion yorkshire barrow.  
Also at the fair, the Versailles FFA had two judging teams, dairy judging and general livestock judging.  The dairy judging team placed 3rd and the team consisted of: Caden Buschur, Isaac Ruhenkamp, Shelbie Schmitmeyer, Clair Schmitmeyer, Renea Schmitmeyer, Sarah Hess, Jon Gehret .  The general livestock team placed 3rd and the team consisted of Ian Gehret, Deanna Hesson, Ben Albers, Alex Kaiser, Isaac Gehret, Kimberly Winner, Lewis Winner.  Congratulations to all Versailles FFA members on their success at the fair!  


212017_14719_0.jpgThe Versailles FFA Officer Team and Healthy Lifestyle Committee proudly present the 2nd Annual  Color Run 5K and Health Fair sponsored by the Versailles FFA on Saturday, October  29th with proceeds to benefit  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer-American Cancer Society.  

The Color Run will officially kick off and start the clock at 9 a.m. on the track behind Versailles Exempted Village School Board Office (old high school)  The address is 459 S. Center Street, Versailles Ohio. Registration for the Color Run will open at 8:00am and will continue until the race starts at 9:00am. Registration will take place near the track area. 

Colored chalk powder will be thrown in the air to land on participants’ shirts to signify the beginning of the race and also near each mile marker. In order to participate in the Color Run each participant will be required to fill out and turn in an entry form and waiver. Pre-entry fees for the race will be $15.00 with a shirt or $9.00 without a shirt.   All pre-entry registration forms and fees are due by October 24th. 

Participants can pay fees the day of the race, or after October 24th for $20.00 with a shirt (limited supply after pre-entry date) or $ 12.00 without a shirt.  The race and t-shirt is free for breast cancer survivors ( Diagnosis throughout the rest of life)  Registration forms for the 5K are printed in the Versailles Policy and located  on the Versailles Exempted Village School website under high school at this website. http://hs.versailles.k12.oh.us/academics/ffa/.

Water and refreshments will be served to the runners and the 5K will be timed and prizes will be awarded at the conclusion of the 5K with a special category for breast cancer survivors.  In conjunction with the 5K, Versailles FFA will host a  Health Fair in the gym of the Versailles Exempted Village School Board Office (old high school).  The address is 459 S. Center Street, Versailles Ohio.  Please enter the heath fair from the track side (rear entrance).  The Health Fair will be open to the public from 8am to 11:30am with a special emphasis being placed on breast cancer. 

A complete list of the health fair vendors will be published in a future article.  Lipid panel  and cholesterol screening from Wayne Health will be available as well.  Healthy refreshments will be served at the Health Fair along with door prizes.

In order to participate in the Wayne HealthCare station guests must complete the attached Laboratory Testing Order and Consent Form and pay for their own fees with this form. These forms can also be found at the same location as the 5K. 

280 Marker Rd. Versailles, OH 45380 937.526.4427